Kudos to “Save the 2008”

Students at Gunn have launched a new initiative called Save the 2008.  It’s “a grassroots campaign on behalf of Gunn’s students and teachers – all 2,008 of them – to create a healthier life at Gunn High School.” It was announced by student Martha Cabot and former teacher Marc Vincenti at a recent school board meeting, per coverage in the Palo Alto Weekly.  Cabot made a YouTube video about student stress at Gunn that went viral, and Vicenti wrote a guest opinion in the Weekly about student challenges in our rigorous environment. The initiative identifies “Six Simple Steps to Sanity at School.”

1)  Downsize classes.

2)  Rightsize homework.

3)  Rightsize course loads.

4)  Turn off, tune in.

5)  De-grade grading.

6)  Rightsize academic fraud.


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