MATD Advisory Committee

In the fall of 2014, Dr. McGee proposed and the school board approved the formation of a Minority Achievement & Talent Development Advisory Committee.

According to the district:

“The purpose of this Advisory Committee is to prepare a set of strategic, evidence-based recommendations that, when implemented, will enable the PAUSD community to assure underrepresented minority students and other students from disadvantaged circumstances have the necessary opportunities, conditions, and supports that will empower and enable them to succeed as well as both realize and maximize their full intellectual, creative, and social potential. The report will identify critical issues and, for each issue, develop strategic recommendations that will include specific metrics for evaluating the extent to which each strategy was successful, suggested timelines for implementations, an individual or role (current or future) to lead each strategy, and cost estimates for implementing each recommendation. The Advisory Committee will also be asked to articulate any potential policy issues the Board should consider developing and adopting.”

And: “As with many districts across the nation, PAUSD has acknowledged an achievement gap exists for students of color and for socio-economically disadvantaged youth. Evidence for the achievement gap is based primarily on standardized test results from the School Accountability Report Card (SARC) and from successful completion of A-G courses.”

From a pool of applicants, the following committee members were chosen:

District parents: Kimberly Bomar, Adriana Flores Ragade, Carmen Munoz, and April House.

PAUSD staff members: Hoover Principal Kathryn Bimpson, Terman Principal Pier Angeli La Place, Palo Alto High counselor Sandra Cernobori, Palo Alto High Principal Kimberly Diorio, Gunn teacher Maria Powell, Briones teacher Julie Griffin, Educational Services Coordinator Judy Jaramillo Argumedo, district teacher Arcia Dorosti, and Jordan counselor Jeffrey Gielow.

Gunn student Shannon Yang (more to be determined).

Alumni Sharon Johnson, Barbara Stroud, and Teceta Tormala.

Community: Silicon Valley Community Foundation Senior Education Program Coordinator Gina Dalma, Dreamcatchers Executive Director Barbara Sih Klausner, Peery Foundation Local Portfolio Director Avani Patel, and community members Ze’ev Wurman and Sheena Chin.

The work of the committee is being conducted in a series of public meetings ito be held from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. in the PAUSD District Office Board Room at 25 Churchill.  Meetings will be held on the following dates in 2014-15:

December 2                           February 17

December 16                         March 3

January 6                                March 17

January 20                              April 14

February 3                              April 28

According to Dr. McGee, “Partnering together we can strengthen our already strong district in supporting all students as they reach for their dreams and realize yet untapped potential.  This will be some of the most important work we do this year as we work collaboratively to identify important challenging areas, research successful practices in other districts, and craft a report that will guide us in the future.”

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