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Welcome to, a grass-roots site whose mission is to provide an unofficial guide to our district.  Our goals are (i) to help families better navigate the schools, the curriculum, and the many options available to them, and (ii) to deconstruct the attendant policies and practices so we can understand them better, discuss them, and drive change where needed.

Like the Harvard Q Guide, we intend to explore the various course offerings at our schools, so our students can have a better understanding of their choices, and so we as a community can critique the educational experience our kids are having.  Our aim is to change from a culture of anecdotal information, which benefits insiders and requires each of us to go it alone, to a culture of perfect information, which benefits everyone and enables social optimization and collective action.

What we need are volunteers to help with this from all stakeholder groups,  including without limitation students, alums, experienced parents, staff, administrators, retirees, new parents, scholars, experts, college students, mental health professionals, non-profit stakeholders, people from neighboring communities, or anyone else who wants to get involved.  We hope to have subject matter editors for different aspects of the schools and curriculum, and drive this process by crowd sourcing the content.  To ensure the quality of our work product and to avoid anonymous agendas, contributors will post either under their own name or else as a editor, with their identity validated by our editorial board.

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