District Leadership

Here is a link to the district’s page about district-level staff at 25 Churchill.

In summary, all staff reports to the superintendent, Dr. McGee, who in turn reports to the school board; see full org chart below. Here is Dr. McGee’s web page. Here is Dr. McGee’s curriculum vitae.

Max McGee, Ph.D. (650) 329-3737
Executive Assistant
Kathleen Ruegsegger (650) 329-3737

Dr. McGee’s direct reports:

Associate Superintendent, Educational Services
Charles Young, Ed.D.  (650) 329-3709

This is the department that most directly impacts PAUSD families and has the most direct reports (see org chart below). Educational Services supervises all education programs for students–Young Fives through Adult Education– and staff development. They determine and revise curriculum, choose instructional materials, and oversee student services, support programs, technology, and library media.

Associate Superintendent, Human Resources
Scott Bowers, Ed. D. (650) 329-3958

The Human Resources department handles employment matters for PAUSD certificated, classified, and management/supervisory staff, including payroll and employee benefits. They recruit, select, assign, and evaluate PAUSD staff, facilitate employer-employee relations, administer collective bargaining agreements, and maintain personnel records.

Chief Business Officer
Cathy Mak (650) 329-3980

The business office manages non-instructional functions of PAUSD including budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, liability and property insurance, facilities and grounds maintenance, capital projects, food services, transportation, information technology, risk management, property management, digital publishing, mail services, and Building for Excellence.

Bond Program Manager
Robert Golton (650) 329-3980

This position administers the district’s bond program.

Below is what the org chart looks like, from the 2012-13 Budget Book:

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 9.10.55 AM

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