Graduation Requirements

The PAUSD high school graduation requirements are established by the school board, subject to the minimum requirements set by the State of California.

Families should also be cognizant of the course requirements, or the recommended course of study, for college admission, including those of the University of California and the California State Universities.  Prospective athletes should also be aware of the course requirements for NCAA player eligibility.

There are various ways to meet the district’s high school graduation requirements, as set forth in district policy and as prescribed by state law.

In addition to the PAUSD board policy, flexibility in high school graduation requirements exist for students in special education, as well as in certain other cases as prescribed by state law.

In addition, students who do not fulfill these requirements can attain a certificate of completion, rather than a diploma, or they can take the GED examination to receive a high school equivalency diploma.

There are no graduation requirements per se from elementary school or middle school; instead students complete the required course of study and are promoted to the next grade level.

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