Local News

The Palo Alto Weekly is the definitive source of news coverage about our district.  It provides consistent, detailed and thoughtful coverage of current events, as well as in-depth features and investigative pieces on relevant topics. In addition, it has a vibrant “Town Square” discussion area that includes a subarea about school and education topics.

The Peninsula edition of the San Jose Mercury News, through its daughter publication the former Palo Alto Daily News, is also a useful news source that maintains high editorial standards.  Because it is a daily publication, however, it sometimes lacks the depth of coverage or contextual awareness found in the Weekly.

The Paly Campanile is the student-run newspaper of Palo Alto High School. It is available online through the Paly Voice, and the print versions are posted on Issuu.  It  It is an outstanding source of news and opinion about our schools.  It reflects the high editorial standards of the Paly journalism program, as well as the unique and well-informed perspectives of our students. It is mailed free to all Paly households and is also available by paid subscription.

The Gunn Oracle is another excellent publication, as the student newspaper of Gunn High School.  The print versions are posted online at Issuu, and are also available by paid subscription.

The Daily Post is a daily news publication with sporadic news coverage and inconsistent editorial standards. It is not available online except for a fee to access its archives.

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