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New homework survey

Community member Chris Zaharias has created a high school homework survey for Paly and Gunn students, which asks our high school students about how much time they spend on homework and the like. Thank you Chris!

If you are at Paly or Gunn, please take the survey to add to the data set.  It is very short.  You can access the homework survey here.

Here are the homework survey results based on 50 respondents, 80% from Paly, 20% from Gunn, 50% seniors, the rest underclassmen. 74% average more than 10 hours of homework per week; 48% average 15 hours or more per week. 20% average 17-20+ hours per week.

76% of respondents say their teachers don’t ask how long homework takes, 24% say sometimes, 0% say often.

78% say their teachers don’t work together to manage the homework load; only 4% say yes to this; the rest don’t know.

Here is a link to BP 6154, the district’s homework policy, as well as AR 6154, the administrative regulation implementing it.